After leading the transportation sector for many years, we institutionalized as Yüce Transportation in 2012 to adapt to changing world conditions. In 2018, we got into the sector as Eymen Transportation/ Karia Marble Ltd. Co. to be a pioneer in the marble sector as well and continue our leadership in the transportation sector. Since the day we started our journey, we work diligently to transport all the colours of Anatolia to the world.

We design with the most contemporary designs with our gifted design team to grace your living spaces. We choose the marble you want from our suppliers with whom we have professional relations and process the marble in the marble factories we work with. We bring the unique beauty of Anatolia as refined or unrefined to everywhere in the world.

Our work starts with delicate planning and our expert personnel follow the whole process. At every step of the process, we keep close contact with you and get your approval In the end, the outcome is what you're content and happy with.

Our Mission: Our mission is to broaden horizons in the sector and add grace to your comfort spaces with our worker's passion and technology. It is to answer the ever-improving market needs through a meticulous and comprehensive design, choice and production process and to deliver our high-quality and wide-ranging products to the whole world through the passion we have for our work

Our Vision: To be unique and the best on the international level, to be the most distinguished supplier in the world to add value and difference to your life is our greatest goal